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Methods of Judicial Selection: Idaho

Judicial Nominating Commissions

When vacancies occur on the supreme court, court of appeals, or district court, the Idaho Judicial Council submits the names of two to four nominees to the governor. The governor must choose an appointee from the list.

The Idaho Judicial Council has seven members, including the chief justice who serves as chairperson. Three members are lawyers (at least one must be a district judge) selected by the board of commissioners of the Idaho State Bar with the consent of the state senate. Three nonlawyer members are chosen by the governor with the consent of the state senate. No more than three of the appointed members may belong to the same political party. Members serve six-year terms. Click here to view the IJC's rules of procedure regarding judicial nominations and here for more information about the Council itself.

For more information, see Judicial Merit Selection: Current Status.

Nominating Commission Costs

  • $126,400 (2007)
    This is the yearly budget of the Idaho Judicial Council, which is also responsible for judicial discipline.