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State of Wisconsin

History of Reform Efforts: Wisconsin

Active Organizations

Common Cause Wisconsin

League of Women Voters of Wisconsin

State Bar of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Citizen Action
Wisconsin Citizen Action unites the power of individuals and progressive organizations to fight for social, economic, and environmental justice. Their mission is to: (1) Win specific improvements in people's daily lives; (2) Activate people's sense of their own real power to shape their future; and (3) Alter the relations of power between people and the special interests dominating their lives. Their strategy is to build majoritarian power around issue and electoral campaigns.

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign is a feisty political watchdog that tracks money in state politics and advocates for campaign finance reform. WDC has built an alliance of over 40 statewide groups in Wisconsin called the Voters First Coalition that has united behind a comprehensive campaign reform initiative. Among the many provisions of the Voters First plan is public financing of state Supreme Court races.