Salem asbestos legal question: A Comprehensive Guide

Salem asbestos legal question

Welcome to exploring Salem Asbestos Legal questions. Salem’s crossing point of asbestos and the law raises crucial inquiries about well-being, responsibility, and equity. In the early 1900s, a virtually indestructible material, called asbestos, began to be used in many industrial and manufacturing products. However, in the 1970s, the federal government warn the use of asbestos … Read more

Juul Class action lawsuit: E-Cigarette Company Brought $300 million in Settlement

Juul Class action lawsuit

A federal judge approved the Juul Class action lawsuit settlement with the e-cigarette company Jull Labs and its parent company, Altria. This settlement brought more than $300 million. Jull and other e-cigarette users have been filing vaping lawsuits against vape manufacturers after developing lung injuries, seizures, and strokes. Many e-cigarette lawsuits claim individual became addicted … Read more

Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit: The Doctor Charged With Second Degree Murder

Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

The plastic surgeon in San Diego has been charged with second-degree murder in 2018. Many questions were raised about the surgical center, which a Bonita plastic surgeon runs. He has been charged with a patient’s death, and that was not the first time when Dr Carlos faced these allegations. Divino Plastic surgery lawsuit came into the limelight, … Read more

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Lawsuit: The Restaurant Sued For False Advertising

Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Lawsuit

A popular American multinational fast-food restaurant, Taco Bell, is sued by an unsatisfied customer. The plaintiffs claimed that the restaurant deceived customers by false advertising of food in the Crunchwrap, Mexican pizza, and other items. This class action lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of New York. The plaintiff, Frank Siragusa, claimed that they overstated the amount of beef and ingredients in its ads … Read more