Prodigy Promos Lawsuit: Controversy of Legal Battle

Prodigy Promos Lawsuit

Nowadays, every business and influencer seeks to expand their online presence to keep the audience engaged. Creativity and innovation are always supreme; sometimes, legal battles erupt, sending shockwaves through the industry. Prodigy Promos is a prominent player in the industry, and it found itself at the center of a lawsuit that threatens to unravel its … Read more

Trulife Distribution Lawsuit: Everything About this Legal Battle

Trulife Distribution Lawsuit

The term Trulife Distribution Lawsuit has been circulating, causing curiosity and questions about what exactly is happening. The health industry has been growing better over the past decade. According to a global market report, by raising awareness of health-conscious foods and retail penetration, the global food market size will increase from $259 billion to $294.5 billion in 2023. Also, the organic … Read more

Everything Need To Know About Dbrand Casetify lawsuit

Dbrand Casetify lawsuit

Technology is developing daily, and every company wants the latest innovations to compete globally. However, when you can’t become innovative, you copy. Many big companies copy each other’s designs or technology, such as Microsoft copying Apple’s macOS in the ’90s, Samsung copying Apple’s iPhone in 2010, and Xiaomi copying Apple. Here, we will discuss the company … Read more

3M Earplug Lawsuit Update – Introduced Bulk Submission Process

3M Earplug Lawsuit

Financial compensation for the thousands of veterans and military service members is announced in the 3m earplugs lawsuit for tinnitus and hearing loss caused by defective earplugs. The 3m earplugs claim class action lawsuit where over 300,000 veterans are suing for 3m defective earplugs. Before we know the latest update, let’s describe the history of … Read more

Why the White Oak Global Advisors Lost the Lawsuit and Paid Over $96 Million?

White Oak Global Advisors Lost the Lawsuit

White Oak Global Advisors is an investment management firm based in New York, USA. It was back in 2018 when the New York State Nurses Association Pension Plan filed a lawsuit against them. They were accused of mishandling client funds and violating fiduciary duties. Unfortunately, all allegations turned out to be valid and the arbitration … Read more