$3 Billion Kidnapping Lawsuit: Biggers Sued Popular Wrestler and Actor Johnson

Everyone knows Johnson’s name in the wrestling and Hollywood world. The journey of Johnson from a WWE superstar to one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood is a story of unwavering ambition and adaptability.

In Hollywood movies and many high-grossing series such as Fast and Furious, Moana has cemented his status as a bankable star.

He is popular for his professionalism and generous nature. Johnson faced an unprecedented challenge in 2023 as his name was involved as a defendant in a colossal $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit. A popular former professional wrestler, Trenesha Biggers, filed this lawsuit against him.

The legal battle not only shocked the entertainment industry but also raised eyebrows in legal circles because of its high-profile nature and staggering monetary claim. Wrestler Trenesha Rhaka Khan has implicated Johnson and many other defendants in the alleged $3 billion kidnapping story. When the facts unfolded, the case garnered significant attention and put the actor’s reputation under scrutiny.

Who is Trenesha Biggers?

Trenesha Biggers is a former professional wrestler who filed a $3 billion lawsuit against Johnson and 1000 other defendants in this number of other world-famous sports and rock stars, including the basketball legend Michael Jordana and Billy Corgan.

This lawsuit centered on accusations of kidnapping and raised many questions regarding the motivations and validity behind these claims. All the allegations portray a complex plot involving Johnson, his ex-wife, and Dany Garcia, the business partner.

$3 Billion Kidnapping Lawsuit

Developments in $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit

The case was a 48-page lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of New York. The lawsuit Trenesha Biggers V The State of Texas gave the named Johnson and 1200 other defendants. On one point, Biggers said Johnson was operating the direct orders of the former President Donald Trump.

However, her allegations are just one small part of the lawsuit. The amended complaint was 400 pages long and filed in July 2023. The lawsuit’s scope is vast, dating back to 2019, and it allegedly involves a handful of high-profile personalities.

In 2019, the accusations were regarding Biggers’ arrest in which she allegedly interfered with child custody orders. According to Biggers, 1000 defendants conspired to kidnap her children following the arrest that Johnson and Garcia hired people to kidnap the former wrestler and children from their home in Tampa Bay, Miami, and Florida. She also alleged that she was abused when she arrived in Miami.

One thing is not clear: what reason Johnson and other defendants have to kidnap Biggers and her children. Johnson denied all the allegations through their legal counsel. In the legal battle, the $3 billion kidnapping lawsuit took a decisive turn when the lawsuit was dismissed in June 2023.

According to the court, the claims lacked sufficient evidence and credibility, leading to the case’s dismissal. It highlighted the complexities of celebrity-related legal disputes where fame intertwines with legal proceedings.

$3 Billion Kidnapping Lawsuit

How Johnson Knew Bigger?

It is unclear how Johnson Knew Biggers because they were not in the WWE during the same time. The Rock retired from wrestling to pursue full-time in 2004, but Biggers did not start until 2005. Biggers went for wrestling on the independent circuit, where he joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from 2008 to 2009.

The official suit in the ring was with Lucha Libre USA from 2010 to 2011. So Johnson’s name is just mentioned in one of the 1200 individuals; Biggers don’t have any relationship.

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