Crocs Class Action Lawsuit: Recent Update by Judge

Everyone is familiar with the shoe brand Crocs, which allegedly violates several consumer laws. Plaintiffs claim that Crocs shoes shrink when exposed to heat, sunlight, and water. This is the first time a Crocs class action lawsuit has been filed in California. The initial complaint was filed in November 2022 in the US District Court for the District of California. Let’s have look at this lawsuit.

What is Crocs Inc?

Crocs Inc. is a popular shoe company that sells defective shoes and violates the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. According to this lawsuit, Crocs shoes are useless to consumers when exposed to ordinary heat, water, and sunlight.

Crocs Class Action Lawsuit

What Does Crocs Class Action Lawsuit Claim?

The lawsuit said Crocs engaged in false advertising, negligent misrepresentation, unfair, unlawful, deceptive trade practices, and breach of warranties.

This class action lawsuit discussed the number of shoe lines made of the Croslite material under Crocs. It also stated that Chase markets its products as outdoor and water shoes.

Crocs failed to disclose that the products would shrink and become unwearable by customers if exposed to hot, sunny, and wet environments like rivers, pools, and lakes.

Customers made thousands of complaints regarding shrinkage problems, while Crocs refused to recall the product and warned consumers of the problem with the shrinking material.

Crocs Class Action Lawsuit

The lawsuit claims the company is aware its Croslite products shrink when exposed to the elements. It made several complaints on Croc’s website, like the purchase replacing the pair of Crocs that shrunk.

The lawsuit mentioned that selling these shoes with a defect makes the company more profitable because it causes customers to buy more products.

Crocs Inc. is a Broomfield, Colorado-based company that sells Broomfield Colorado-based company selling for about $45 for men and women.  Children’s shoes are selling for around $30. According to one of the reports, Crocks sold 18.9 million pairs of shoes in 2020.

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Recent Updates

A California judge rejected Crocs have four class action lawsuits. US District Judge Trina L. Thompson determined that the allegations against the company claiming that the shoes shrink after being used in hot and watery environments.

The judge determined that both the Crocs sandal and Mukluk footwear are similar and can be considered a common injury.  The specific timeline of viewing the advertisements before purchase was made in the summer and spring of 2022.

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