Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit: The Doctor Charged With Second Degree Murder

The plastic surgeon in San Diego has been charged with second-degree murder in 2018. Many questions were raised about the surgical center, which a Bonita plastic surgeon runs. He has been charged with a patient’s death, and that was not the first time when Dr Carlos faced these allegations.

Divino Plastic surgery lawsuit came into the limelight, similar to other lawsuits against Dr. Carlos Chacon, who is still allowed to operate despite facing three lawsuits and six felony counts.

The Doctor Pleaded Not Guilty to Criminal Charges

Dr Chacon pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from the death of Megan Espinoza. The patient died after cardiac arrest while undergoing breast augmentation surgery. He was charged with involuntary manslaughter for Espinoza’s death.

It was second-degree murder, and after an investigation, it was found that Dr Chacon allegedly waited three hours to call 911 and met with other potential patients.

The San Diego County district attorney, Gina Darvas, claimed that Dr Chacon prevented others at Divino Plastic Surgery from calling 911. He suffocated Ms Espinoaz for three hours before emergency personnel.

Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

A Nurse in Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

The doctor cut corners to make more money by using an untrained nurse to perform anesthesia on Espinoza. The registered nurse, Heather Lang Vass, assisted Dr Chacon in this surgery, and she was also charged with the patient’s death. The nurse pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the Divino Plastic Surgery lawsuit in March 2023.

According to a report from the Medical Board of California, Espinoza received anesthesia from a nurse and is not a licensed anesthesiologist. The patient went into cardiac arrest after two hours of the surgery.

After that, instead of calling 911, the doctor, Dr Chacon, called two anesthesiologists for advice. One of them told immediately call 911. When the patient finally reached the hospital, her brain was dead, and she died after five days of surgery.

Civil Lawsuits

In December 2022, the family of patient Espinoza filed a civil lawsuit against Divino Plastic Surgery and Dr. Chacon. The family settled for an undisclosed amount of money.

The family settled for an undisclosed amount of money.  In this civil lawsuit, Megan Espinoz’s tragic death took legal action against Dr Chacon. They reached a settlement, and the legal resources provided some closure for the grieving family and cast a shadow on the practices within Divino Plastic Surgery.

Another voice emerges with the filing of a lawsuit by a patient named Natassia Louis. She alleges that the doctor‘s actions led to a botched surgery and left her with a hole in her stomach. Let’s have a look at this case, too.

Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

Another Divino Plastic Surgery Lawsuit Against Dr Chacon

Surprisingly, another patient named Natassia Louis filed a lawsuit against the doctor. She claimed the doctor botched her surgery and the doctor left her with a hole in the stomach. She went to Divino Plastic Surgery for a butt lift, and during the consultation, Dr Chacon convinced her into a complete mommy makeover in which she breast lift.

For that purpose, the fat had been used from her stomach to add to her butt. After 6th April 2021, Louis reportedly developed a hole in her stomach. The doctor agreed and repaired it, but someone from his office warned Louis to look the doctor up online before deciding to do more procedures.

Louis believes The California Medical Board should advertise accusations against doctors on the website. She was unaware at the time of her surgery that Chacon was already under investigation for gross negligence to Espinoza’s death. She filed a civil lawsuit against Chacob and damages of more than $25000.

Louis said the doctor should not be at the surgery center, and no one stopped him after things started happening.  But he is still doing his business and continues to hurt people.

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