Mary Ruth Organics Lawsuit On Selling Liquid Probiotics for Infants

Mary Ruth Organics is a popular supplement company that came into the limelight when a complaint was filed against it. Mary Ruth’s organics lawsuit started when the FDA published a recall notice.

It was mentioned that Mary Ruth initiated a recall of two lots of the company’s liquid probiotics for infants because of possible pseudomonas aeruginosa contamination. This notice states that the voluntary recall was started with an abundance of caution. Let’s discuss all the details of Mary Ruth’s organics lawsuit.

Mary Ruth Organics

As we know, Mary Ruth Organics is a popular supplement company that sells a variety of vitamins and minerals for infants, children, and adults. A certified nutritional consultant, Mary Ruth Ghiyam founded the company that creates liquid multivitamins. The company came into the light when it faced a lawsuit in 2022 with another supplement company, Doctor Danielle.

Mary Ruth Organics Lawsuit

Was There Any Lawsuit Against Mary Ruth Organics?

According to the file, Mary Ruth sent the company and the District Court a letter accusing Doctor Danielle of using a confusingly similar trade dress. The letter contains obvious and confusing similarities between Doctor Danielle’s and Mary Ruth’s packaging, which started after Mary Ruth’s.

In response to these allegations, Doctor Danielle said the company had no knowledge that Mary Ruth’s organics logo was used for inspiration and that the new logo was picked during a graphic design contest.

The company said the logo depicted Doctor Danielle, and her image is easily recognizable. Using the new logo on Doctor Danielle’s product packaging and the website does not infringe or otherwise violate Mary Ruth’s rights under federal or state law. However, this case was dismissed in August 2022.

Mary Ruth Organics Lawsuit: Liquid Probiotics For Infants

The FDA published a recall notice for Mary Ruth, in which it was told that the company is selling a ‘liquid probiotic for infants’ with pseudomonas aeruginosa present.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a dangerous pathogen that can cause potentially life-threatening infections in infants. These infections become more severe when immunocompromised infants’ immature guts cannot prevent Pseudomonas from entering the bloodstream.

As a result, this microorganism can spread throughout the body, leading to serious adverse health problems. According to a medical review, Pseudomonas is found in freshwater and other bodies of water, like swimming pools, which leads to infections like otitis externa, folliculitis, and pneumonia.

Recall Products By FDA

The liquid probiotic for infants only affects two lots of products: lot no 100420218 and lot no 100 520218 with the barcode number 856645008587. Except for these, no other liquid probiotics for infants were recalled. The liquid probiotic for infants was also distributed through Amazon globally.

Mary Ruth Organics Lawsuit

What Action Was Taken By Company in Mary Ruth Organics Lawsuit?

The company requests that customers throw the recalled product away and contact the company for a full refund. The issue was found when one of the manufacturing partners performed routine laboratory testing, and after that, the company’s safety protocol staff decided to take precautionary measures. One case was seen in which an older infant suffered from temporary diarrhea after consuming the recalled product.

The founder, Mary Ruth Ghiyam, stated that the company is committed to customer safety, health, and welfare. We continue to invest in quality and safety protocols to make certain changes to launch the best products.

How Customers Can Identify the Affected Products?

Customers can identify the affected products by following the information

Liqui probiotic for infants (1oz) with barcode # 856645008587. On the other hand, if infants suffer from an illness after Ruth’sting Mary Ruth’s liquid probiotics, contact the company’s customer care department or the website

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Bottom Line

In a nutshell, the good thing is that the company accepted the recall notice and the issues. They made changes for the welfare and health of customers and also refunded the money to customers. The company is well known in the vitamins and supplements market and has been working for years. Hopefully, they will remain careful in the future for all of the company’s products.

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