Momentum Solar Lawsuit: Company Has Allegations of Racism

Momentum Solar is a top-level solar company with highly-rated technology that faces legal challenges. However, it should be commended for its leadership in renewable energy. Half a dozen workers at a New Jersey-based Solar energy company filed a lawsuit, and they claim racist taunts.

Among other Momentum Solar lawsuits, one over the past few years made the company out to have a corrupt and racist work environment. It raised many questions about whether or not a company engaging in these activities is racially unjust.

Momentum Solar: Largest Independent Solar Energy Provider

Momentum Solar, also known as Pro Custom Solar LLC, was founded in 2009 in New Jersey. Many lawsuits have been filed against Momentum Solar Momentum related to its alleged misuse of telemarketing and calling customers many times a day when they asked to be removed from the call list. One of the major issues that the company is following now is racism.

The company is a model for a modern economy growing fast in the clean energy field. New Jersey awarded the company $7.2 million in tax incentives to keep adding jobs installing solar panels.

Momentum Solar Lawsuit

Momentum Solar Lawsuit Accused of Racism

In 2019, six black men sued their employees because of racial discrimination and were fired by those who complained—Murrell et al.v.Pro Custom Solar LLC et al. lawsuit indicated that managers would use racial slurs and even pay the black employees less than the white.

After filing the Momentum Solar lawsuit, the company disputed the allegations by saying there were many truths and facts. The six employees were filed for non-disciplinary reasons. Furthermore, one of the former employees, Shandon Beswick, said he was consistently called the ‘N-word and Panel Boy’ while installing solar panels onto roofs.

One of the plaintiffs, Tevin Brown, said he never received a raise of $15 per hour. Meanwhile, white employees were getting $22 per hour with no experience. Garrett Murrell, a former worker at Tesla before shifting to Momentum Solar, complained to the general manager regarding the xenophobia and racism within the company. In return, the manager replied, ‘We don’t need your services anymore.’

In addition, According to a source, a lawsuit was filed in 2021 with all new plaintiffs, and they argued that Momentum Solar had sustained a racially hostile work environment that dismissed the workers who complained. The victims said they not only experienced racial slurs but also were advised to tie a rope ‘ like a noose.’

Many workers were segregated into groups based on their race, where the plaintiffs claimed that Latinx and whites were given better assignments, and then their pay rate kept high as compared to Black teams.

The lawsuit alleged that the company also violated the Civil Rights Act of 1886 and New Jersey Laws Against Discrimination.

Momentum Solar Lawsuit

A New Case In 2022

Another case, Murrel v Pro Custom Solar LLC, was founded in 2022. This case refers to the company’s unfair wages. The plaintiffs alleged that Momentum did not compensate the workers for overtime work and travel time.

All these lawsuits raised questions about companies in which people are investing and what they are supporting. A company should not discriminate based on race; therefore, these types of concerns must be addressed under the law.

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