Poppi Soda Lawsuit: The Company Advertises False Labelling

The popular soda brand Poppi is facing a lawsuit just because of false gut claims. The company advertises its drinks as ‘gut-healthy drinks.’ Let’s know all the details of the Poppi soda lawsuit.

Who Filed a lawsuit Against Poppi?

A customer filed a lawsuit against the popular soda brand Poppi. The lawsuit alleged that the company’s health claims misled customers with the slogan’ Be Gut Happy. ‘Be gut healthy for a healthy gut.’

The Poppi Soda lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in San Diego. The customer, Kristin Cobbs, said she purchased Poppi Soda drinks multiple times because their labels claim they are prebiotic sodas and feature  the slogan ‘be gut happy and healthy.’

Poppi Soda Lawsuit

However, later, it was found that Poppi drinks have only 2 grams of prebiotic inulin fiber, which is insufficient to provide the real benefit. Furthermore, she said that the research shows that consuming 7.5 grams of agave inulin daily for three weeks was inadequate to get the benefits of prebiotics.

Inulin is popular for aiding digestive health by providing beneficial bacteria that resolve health problems like constipation, weight control, and blood sugar regulation. The brand also promised to become Amazon’s top seller of soda soft drinks, but now the company needs to clarify its claims.

Allegations of Misleading Advertising In Poppi Soda Lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed by a customer who accused Poppi of making false, misleading health claims. She claimed there is insufficient inulin in Poppi Soda to provide gut health benefits. This lawsuit brought $5 million in damages for Cobs and other customers.

Expert Opinions in This Lawsuit

Caitlin Dow, a senior nutrition scientist at the Center for Science, expressed doubts about sodas’ ability to support gut health. Caitlin said we should not use soda or processed foods to support gut health. The experts say consuming enough Poppi to get potential benefits could result in excessive sugar intake, and each one can provide 5 grams of sugar.

Company’s Response of This Lawsuit

Poppi responded to this lawsuit, labeling the allegations as baseless and promising a vigorous defense. Poppi cans are available on Amazon and in some stores for a longer time to gut health slogans. Poppi did not respond further to ongoing litigation.

Poppi Soda Lawsuit

Legal Perspective: Importance of Accountability, and Transparency

The founding partner, Miguel Custodio, at Custodio & Dubey, highlighted the significance of this case, such as deceptive marketing practices and the importance of holding companies accountable for misleading product claims about health benefits.

Moreover, it highlights the broader issue of transparency in advertising, especially for products marketed as health-enhancing. The outcome of this lawsuit led to strict regulations and standards for health-related product claims.

The lawsuit against Poppi raised questions about the broader practice of marketing processed foods and beverages.  Because of this, consumers have become more health-conscious and truthful in their advertising. This case catalyzes change, prompting stricter oversight and higher standards for health-related product claims.

Brands have tried to succeed in the prebiotic beverage market to establish credibility with consumers. According to the FDA, each can be an excellent source of fiber, and it contains three kinds of fiber: Jerusalem artichoke, chicory root, and cassava root.

Goodwin stated that the company has completed third-party in vitro research at Purdue University, which indicates that prebiotic fiber has multiple gut health benefits.

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Bottom Line

In summary, the legal battle unfolds, and the outcomes significantly impact the beverage industry and consumer protection standards. This case is a crucial reminder of the need for honesty in advertising. Every company should maintain trust in the health benefits promoted by its by-products.

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