Verizon Class Action Lawsuit Settlement: How a Person Can Claim?

Verizon customers have little time to apply for the proposed $100 million class action settlement. The last date to file a claim is April 15th, 2024. However, before that, we need to know about this lawsuit. What is the Verizon class action lawsuit, and why do we need to file a claim?

What is The Verizon Lawsuit?

Verizon is a telecommunication company that provides voice and video services. The plaintiffs said the company was misleading customers because the fee was not disclosed in the monthly advertised plan. They were charging money deceptively and unfairly.

The company denied all these claims, and the spokesperson said, β€˜It helps the company recover certain regulatory compliance and network-related costs. Furthermore, the company describes these charges as wireless consumer admin charges during the sales transaction.’

Son, the people called the money β€˜ junk fees,’ and the settlement was a settlement of four different lawsuits brought together in New Jersey Court.

A proposed rule was announced by The Federal Trade Commission last October. The rule would ban businesses from changing hidden and misleading fees and require companies to show full prices upfront.

Verizon Class Action Lawsuit

How do you file a claim in Verizon lawsuit?

If any person wants to file a claim against the company, there are two ways to do so: online or by email. When you file online, you need a notice ID number and a confirmation code that you will receive in your registered email.

The second option is to put your claim on the claim form to Verizon administrative charge settlement on address 1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210, Philadelphia, PA 19103, and this form must be postmarked by the $15th April deadline.

Settlement in Verizon Class Action Lawsuit

Due to the Verizon class action lawsuit, a settlement has been reached. Eligible customers are expected to receive a payout of up to $100 after court approval. However, the actual amount could be lower than that, depending on the number of valid claims files and months within the settlement period.

In addition, this settlement includes current and former Verizon mobile customers in the United States who paid administrative or tele-recovery charges between January 2016 and November 8th, 2023.

Verizon Class Action Lawsuit

How Much Verizon Settlement Payout Will Be Provided to Each Person?

The Verizon settlement will provide $100 million, on which Verizon agreed, but that is not disclosed to customers.

The Verizon settlement payout per person also depends on the number of valid claims and the duration of each plaintiff. The minimum payout is around $15, and the maximum is $100. Every claimant will receive this money after the court finalizes the settlement.

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Latest Updates in Verzon Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The final approval of the settlement has yet to be disclosed. The latest hearing was on 22nd March 2023 in New Jersey, in which the judge had to decide on the approval of the settlement. However, the processing time for payments is not disclosed.

The FAQs state that payment will be issued by check electronic payment after the settlement is approved and finalized. Hopefully, all the plaintiffs will get the settlement money very soon after final approval and processing time from the court.

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