ZYN lawsuit: Oral Nicotine Pouches and Misleading Advertisement

The Schmidt National Law Group filed a class action lawsuit against Philip Morris. They are a maker of ZYN and target children and adults with their nicotine pouches named ZYN, that’s why it is known as ZYN lawsuit The Schmidt National Law Group has filed a lawsuit against Philip Morris in the Southern District of California.

According to the complaint, a person should be at least 21 years old to purchase the products; therefore, Philip should have a strict limit on access to them. The products became popular among university students, and a claim was made that they are a safer alternative to vaping.

Philip Morris International and Swedish Match North America were accused of a class action lawsuit concerning the marketing and sale of ZYN brand oral nicotine pouches. They accused the defendants of marketing the product as a nicotine cessation device.  It is not a proven authorized cessation device and leads to nicotine addiction for new users.

ZYN lawsuit

Did you ever use ZYN brand nicotine pouches for recreation or to curb an addiction to cigarettes?  It could be more dangerous than advertised by Swedish March and Philip Morris.  Swedish March was the first one that produced ZYN before selling it to Philip Morris in 2022. 

They are defendants in a lawsuit filed by the lawyers of Schlesinger Law Offices. The lawsuit alleges that ZYN is misleading the market and not sold with appropriate nicotine warnings. This class action status allows more people across the nation to stand up to ZYN, Swedish match, and Philip Morris.

The attorneys with Fisher & Bursor filed the lawsuit in the US District Court for the Eastern District of California on behalf of John Doe. he purchased and used ZYN and believed that it was a safer and healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

In addition, he thought the product would help to stop smoking, but the effort failed. According to Doe’s complaint of 29th March, he experienced adverse side effects such as nicotine addiction and gum tenderness.

The complaint alleged that ZYN is a new way for the defendants to push nicotine products on consumers and provide tobacco-free nicotine through a water-soluble pouch placed between the upper lip and the gum.

According to the complaint, these oral nicotine pouches are the latest chapter of the tobacco company’s playbook to hook young adults and adolescents. The complaint accused the defendants of pulling ‘out every play in the tobacco industry playbook’ to achieve their meteoric success through social media and influencers.

Meanwhile, Philip Morris and Swedish Match North America were accused of marketing ZYN as a smoking cessation device. The company claimed that the pouches are a safe and effective way to stop smoking.

ZYN lawsuit

They described that ZYN contains food-grade ingredients such as the same nicotine salt found in plants. Therefore, we can say that it’s a plant-based food that is addictive and commonly found in chewing gum, minerals used in baked goods, and sugar substitutes used in beverages and confections as a flavor enhancer.

The consequences or side effects of ZYN are greater. Currently, it is sold in three and six-milligram strengths in the United States; meanwhile, smokers absorb about one milligram of nicotine from cigarettes.

The complaint claims are for breach of contract, common law fraud, unjust enrichment, California False Advertising Law, the California Unfair Competition law, and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act.

The plaintiff requested the defendants to obtain revenues and profits wrongfully and compensate damages, punitive damages, injunctive relief, attorney fees, expenses, and costs of the suit. However, neither Bursor & Fisher, Philip Moris, nor Swedish Match responded to the comment.

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