Celsius Drink Lawsuit: Who Are Eligible For Up To $250

Celsius is the popular energy drink that reached an agreement in a class action lawsuit that can award customers up to $250 each. This lawsuit alleged that Celsius Holdings, Inc. labeled the products misleadingly and claimed they were ‘not containing preservatives, ‘ but they contained citric acid.

The company said the ingredients in the drinks are used as a flavor, not a preservative. Let’s know all the details of the Celsius drink lawsuit as the company agrees to a settlement.

The company responded that customers who purchased our ‘beverage or powered drink’ between Jan. 1, 2015, and Nov. 23, 2022, can receive money from the settlement. You must submit a claim form with scans or photos of your receipts for that purpose.

There are multiple stipulations, and the settlement money is reserved for customers who purchased drinks for personal or household consumption, not for resale or distribution.

Celsius Drink Lawsuit

Eligibility Criteria to Claim

If the claim is approved and you have a valid receipt, you can earn $250 per household from the settlement. If you save your receipts, you will earn more from the settlement.  Your maximum refund will be $20 per household if you do not. The customer will get $1 for each product purchased during the settlement period.

For that purpose, customers must submit a valid and timely claim form for each can of product purchased between January 2015 and November 2022. You will receive $5 for multipacks during the settlement period.

Celsius on the Go or Flo Fusion-powered drinks sold in packages of 14 will earn $5 per package. Original Celsius drinks are also eligible for settlement. The company labeled ‘Celsius Live Fit,’ in which Celsius BCAA+ Energy, Celsius heat, and Celsius with Stevia varieties are included.

What is the Deadline for Claims?

The deadline for submitting a claim is Feb. 13, 2023. The customers can take the following actions

Exclude Yourself from the Class

This option does not entitle you to money from the settlement. It allows you to be part of any other lawsuit against the Defendant regarding the legal claims. Every customer needs to send an email letter by Feb. 13, 2023.

Objection to the Settlement

The second is you can mail a letter if you have any objection to the settlement.

For every customer who claims for a settlement, you can attend one on Mar. 31, 2023.

Celsius Drink Lawsuit

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What conditions could affect the eligibility criteria?

According to the Celsius drink lawsuit, anyone who purchased a Celsius could receive money from the settlement. There are multiple stipulations reserved for customers who bought drinks for personal or household consumption, not for resale and distribution. Besides, you must be a resident of the United States.

How much money can a person receive?

If the customer has a valid receipt, you can earn $250 per household from the settlement. If you still need a receipt, the maximum refund will be $20 per household.

Which Celsius products come into a settlement?

The company often labels its products’ Celsius live fit’, including Celsius heat, Celsius with stevia varieties, and Celsius BCAA + Energy. Celsius on the Go and Flo Fusion-powered drinks in the settlement also come.

What if a customer bought multiple cans of Celsius products?

Those customers who submitted a valid and timely claim form for each product between January 2015 and 23rd  November 2022 were eligible and were sold in packages.

Can someone receive more money if they buy a multipack?

On the Go and Flo Fusion powered drinks were sold in packages of 14, earning you $5 per package. But there should be a valid receipt.

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