Prime Drink Lawsuit: Is Prime Hydration Using Extra Caffeine and PFAS in Beverages?

Prime Hydration, a well-known beverage company, came into the limelight when a lawsuit was filed against it. YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI founded Prime Hydration in 2022.

The products became popular in a very short time. However, recently, people heard about the prime drink lawsuit in which the claim was made, and questions were raised about the ingredients of energy and sports drinks. Let’s discuss the details of the prime drink lawsuit and see the facts and figures.

Who is Logan Paul?

Logan is a 29-year-old influencer well-known for his passion for boxing and wrestling. He fought against popular boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., who participated in WWE Wrestle Mania 37 in a match against Kevin Owens. Prime Hydration generated over $250 million in retail sales in its first year. Paul and KSI always kept the drinks in the spotlight during Super Bowl 57.

Prime Drink Lawsuit

What is the Prime Drink Lawsuit?

The lawsuit against Prime Hydration was filed on 8th April in the Southern District of New York. The claim was made that Prime drinks contain PFAS, known as ‘forever chemicals.’

On the other hand, this lawsuit also states that the company advertises to contain 200 milligrams of caffeine, which is actually between 215 and 225 milligrams of caffeine. So, let’s first talk about the Caffeine lawsuit.

Caffeine Lawsuit

The caffeine lawsuit was filed by New York citizen Lara Vera, who seeks $5 million based on misleading and deceptive practices. Vera alleges that Prime Hydration’s Blue Rasberry product has caffeine content, which she purchased many times in August 2022. However, the company and Congo brands never responded to this lawsuit.

Before that, Prime also faced criticism regarding caffeine levels. Charles Schumer called the FDA to investigate high caffeine levels in energy drinks; according to Schummer, false marketing targets young people to buy a cauldron of caffeine for their kids.

PFAS Lawsuit

In the 2023 Prime drink lawsuit, it was said the company has been using PFAS. The US Environmental Protection Agency report says these long-lasting chemicals break down slowly.  Research referred to these ‘forever chemicals’ linked to harmful health impacts in humans and animals.

The company’s grape-flavored drink has PFAS when tested by a third party.  A California resident named Elizabeth Castillo sued for $5 million. Congo Brands and Prime Hydration shared a TikTok video from Logan Paul.

Congo is an employee service company that works with energy drinks brands, including 3D Energy, Alani, and Prime Hydration.  The company undertakes a $8.25 million project that will expand to headquarters in Louisville and create 500 high-wage jobs over 10 years. Congo has created over 500 jobs across 10 years, with an average hourly wage of $49.80.

Prime Drink Lawsuit

The product gives the impression that Prime Hydration drinks replenish the depleted nutrients and improve athletic performance. The third party tested and determined the presence of PFAS chemicals in the Prime Hydration grape flavor.

These flavor chemicals have been studied and found to have adverse health effects on the human body and lead to reproductive harm, increased risk of cancer,  weakened immune system, higher cholesterol levels, and obesity risk.

Moreover, there are wide range of products that can be introduced to the body, such as drinking water, natural foods, juices, etc, which is the obvious reason to avoid PFAS products.

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What is PFAS?

PFAS are poly-fluoroalkyl substances, that can resist water, heat, grease, and oil. However, they are extremely bad for human health, causing toxic health issues like changes in liver enzymes and cholesterol levels.

How much caffeine is in prime drinks?

Prime drinks reportedly contain 200 milligrams of caffeine, equivalent to half a dozen Coke cans.

What made Prime go viral?

Prime founders Olajide William Olatunji (aka KSI) and Logan Paul met in the boxing ring as rivals. Prime went viral to show what happens when foes come together as brothers and business partners.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, this lawsuit must be investigated further, and if the PFAS products have flavored chemicals, these must be banned. These ingredients are harmful to human health, so everyone should be careful while selecting energy drinks. Every energy drink has different ingredients, such as caffeine and PFAS. Therefore, be careful before purchasing and check the ingredients.

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